Juror Exit Questionnaire
United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania

Your responses to the following questions will help us in our efforts to improve jury service in our court.
Any helpful and constructive comments are welcome.

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Summons Date* * On what type of jury did you serve?*
What was the name of the Judge who presided over your selection?
Did you submit your juror information form on-line through eJuror?
If you experienced any difficulties using eJuror, please describe.
How would you rate the following aspects of your jury service?
 Treatment by Court Personnel in Jury Assembly Room
Physical Comfort in Courtroom
For any aspect above rated "Fair” or "Poor”, please use the comment section at the end of this questionnaire to explain your rating and how that particular aspect could be improved.
Did you feel that the summons and accompanying materials provided you with the information you needed for your jury service?
If no, how do you think those materials can be improved?
Should anything be added or changed to the orientation instructions given by the jury staff to better prepare you for jury service?
If yes, please explain.
After having reported for jury service, how would you rate your experience?
What impression, if any, would you convey to others concerning jury duty in our court?
Please use the following space to provide any additional recommendations, comments or suggestions you may have to improve the jury service experience in our court.
The United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania
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