United States District Court
Western District of Pennsylvania
Schedule for 11/04/2021
(Last updated: 10/28/2021 at 05:03)
  Time   Docket No.   Party Hearing Type Courtroom
Hon. Donetta W. Ambrose
  11:00 AM   2:18-cr-00095-DWA-1   USA v. WILLIAM CURRY BROWN Sentencing Courtroom 3B
Hon. Susan Paradise Baxter
  09:30 AM   1:16-cv-00133-SPB   JACKSON v. PA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS ET AL Jury Trial Courtroom C
  01:30 PM   1:19-cr-00027-SPB-1   USA v. WILLIE C. SANDERS Motion Hearing Courtroom A - Erie
Hon. Cathy Bissoon
  02:15 PM   2:18-cr-00189-CB-1   USA v. MARK STANFORD (AHM) Motion Hearing Courtroom 3A
Hon. David S. Cercone
  10:00 AM   2:21-cr-00445-DSC-1   USA v. LE THUY NGUYEN Waiver and Plea Hearing Courtroom 7A
  11:30 AM   2:20-cr-00067-DSC-1   USA v. DONTAE JACKSON Change of Plea Hearing Courtroom 7A
Hon. Robert J. Colville
  11:00 AM   2:21-cr-00090-RJC-1   USA v. ABDULLAH K. WOODS Status Conference Video Conference
  01:00 PM   2:21-cr-00437-RJC-1   USA v. PATRICK KIM Waiver and Plea Hearing Video Conference
Hon. Joy Flowers Conti
  11:00 AM    
  11:00 AM   2:19-cr-00165-JFC-2   USA v. BREANNA M. BANE Sentencing Courtroom 5A
  11:00 AM   2:20-cr-00191-JFC-1   USA v. BREANNA M. BANE Sentencing Courtroom 5A
  01:00 PM   2:15-cv-00050-JFC   BLACKBEAR ENERGY SERVICES, INC. v. YOUNGSTOWN PIPE & STEEL, LLC Final Pretrial Conference
  03:00 PM   2:19-cr-00134-JFC-2   USA v. TERRY SUGGS, JR. Motion Hearing Telephone Conference
Hon. Cynthia Reed Eddy
  10:00 AM   2:21-cr-00406-CB-1   USA v. TROY TERRELL Initial Appearance Video Conference
  10:30 AM   2:21-cr-00384-WSS-1   USA v. LAQUAN WILLIAMS Initial Appearance Video Conference
  11:00 AM   2:20-cr-00121-SLH-3   USA v. MICHAEL TURNER Arraignment Video Conference
  11:30 AM   2:20-cr-00121-SLH-7   USA v. GERALD BOGAN Arraignment Video Conference
  02:00 PM   2:21-mj-02104-MPK-1   USA v. RICHARD WHITE Detention Hearing Video Conference
Hon. Kim R. Gibson
  01:30 PM   3:20-cr-00007-KRG-9   USA v. TIMOTHY FERGUSON Change of Plea Hearing Video Conference
Hon. W. Scott Hardy
  10:00 AM   2:21-cv-00769-WSH   MANCUSO v. TARGET AT SOUTH HILL VILLAGE et al Status Conference Telephone Conference
Hon. Mark R. Hornak
  09:00 AM   2:17-cr-00243-MRH-1   USA v. JAMES W. JOHNSON Jury Trial Courtroom 6A
  09:30 AM   2:16-cr-00196-MRH-1   USA v. JAMES FRANCE Pretrial Conference Courtroom 6A
  09:30 AM   2:21-cr-00235-MRH-1   USA v. JAMES FRANCE Pretrial Conference Courtroom 6A
  11:00 AM   2:20-cr-00216-MRH-1   USA v. WILLIAM SHAW Motion Hearing
  04:00 PM   2:20-cv-01627-MRH   B.J. et al v. COMMUNITY ACTION SOUTHWEST Telephonic Status Conference Telephone Conference
Hon. J. Nicholas Ranjan
  10:00 AM   2:19-cr-00008-NR-47   USA v. PARIS WILSON Sentencing Video Conference
  01:00 PM   2:20-cr-00304-NR-1   USA v. CODY LEE Sentencing Courtroom 6C
  03:00 PM   2:20-cr-00117-NR-1   USA v. DEONTAE MAURICE HOWARD Telephonic Status Conference Telephone Conference
Hon. Arthur J. Schwab
  09:30 AM   2:20-cr-00170-AJS-1   USA v. RAEKWON DAC BLANKENSHIP Sentencing BFM
  10:30 AM   2:21-cr-00061-AJS-1   USA v. HARRY E. MILLER Status Conference (counsel only) BFM Video Conference
Hon. William S. Stickman
  09:30 AM   2:18-cv-00168-WSS   C.J. HUGHES CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC. v. EQM GATHERING OPCO, LLC Jury Trial Courtroom 8B
Hon. Christy Criswell Wiegand
  09:00 AM   2:21-cr-00190-CCW-1   USA v. DARNELL WYNN Status Conference Telephone Conference
  09:30 AM   2:21-cr-00407-CCW-1   USA v. TAHJ THOMAS Status Conference Telephone Conference
  01:00 PM   2:21-cr-00355-CCW-32   USA v. JUAN VILLAGRAN Evidentiary Hearing Courtroom 9B